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Recently I found myself wondering how far Novation actually went to recreate analog synthesis with the virtual analog A-Station.

My confusion was when the tuning on the A-Station started drifting, and most noticeably when the unit heated up when racked in the flight case.

For the love of God, surely they didnt include pitch drifting and out-of-tuneness as a feature when the synth heated up?!  Thankfully I think it's fair to say that my A-Station needed fixed!

When opening the unit, I found out that there was a strange looking IDE connector on the main PCB which was unconnected and that the front panel PCB is that of the Super Bass Station.  Makes sense I suppose, but what about that IDE connector?  Answers on the back of a £100 note to the usual address.

All photos of the A-Station going under the knife can be found HERE.

Edit: Yes, it does appear to be working fine at the moment, but I sliced the shit out of my thumb in the process!

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A huge thanks to Tim from Focusrite & Novation support who very kindly sent me a replacement part for my A-Station.  Without this part the machine was rendered unusable.  Thankfully normal service will be resumed shortly here at Acid HQ.
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ReBirth - ReVisited!

When I first heard Propellerheads had released ReBirth RB-338 freely into the public domain, my faith in humanity was restored.  Free?  FREE?  Like.. um.. you don't really want anything?  What an act of kindness.  These guys are the future!


In case you've been living in a cave or something and never had the pleasure of using the virtual emulation of 2x TB303's, a TR808 & TR909 all under the one roof, have a visit to http://www.rebirthmuseum.com/ and get yourself registered to download the original ReBirth ISO and begin your sonic journey to Beats'n'Squeaks-ville!

I only remembered about this about 5 minutes ago when I visited the Propellerheads site to read up on their latest software release Record.  It's gave me an idea to dust down my old Athlon 1800 with M-Audio 2496 card in it and use it as a dedicated ReBirth box plumbed through the A5000 for some sequencing on the Atari.  Watch this space!



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