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The transport bar is visible on all pages within Cubase and can be hidden using the Window menu from the Menu Bar.

  • Solo
    Isolates the currently selected Midi track.
  • Ed Solo
    When an editor is opened, this toggles on or off if the data in the editor will be isolated.
  • Cycle
    Cycle Loop between Left & Right locators. Shortcut key (/)
  • Rec Mode
    Overdub or Replace - When recording between locators, this decides if Midi data is replaced or overdubbed!
  • Punch
    In and Out - Decides if recording is only limited to between the Locators.
  • Left Locator
    Sets Left Locator - short cut key (L)
  • Right Locator
    Sets Right Locator - short cut key (R)
  • Back, Forward, Stop, Play & Record
    Standard Transport Controls - Shortcuts Back ( Forward ) Stop 0 Play Enter (keypad) Record *
  • Song Position
    Shows current song position in bars and beats. Can be double clicked and positions entered manually.
  • SMPTE Time
    Timecode time for syncronisation. Hours, Minutes, Seconds & Frames.
  • Time Sig
    Controls time signature of song. These can be automated using the Master Track.
  • Tempo
    Controls the Tempo of the song. This can be automated using the Master Track.
  • Click (can be double clicked to open dialog box)
    Metronome On or Off. Shortcut key (C)
  • Master (can be double clicked to open dialog box)
    Master Track On or Off (allows tempo and key changes). Shortcut key (M)
  • Sync (can be double clicked to open dialog box)
    Extrnal Syncronisation On or Off (from Reel to Reel, VHS, Protools, Logic etc. Shortcut key (X)

Equipment Used:

  • Atari ST - Cubase v 3
  • Yamaha A5000 Sampler
  • Akai S01 Sampler
  • Alesis D4
  • Evolution EVS-1
  • Roland JV1080 with: Experience 2, Orchestral & Dance 06 expansions
  • M Audio Keystation Pro 88 Controller
  • Roland PC-200 mk 2 Controller
  • Zoom 9000
  • Marshall JMP 9001
  • Yamaha SG3000S
  • M Audio Omni Studio with Delta 66
  • M Audio Audiophile 24 96
  • Quad Core PC


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