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The menu bar is located at the top of every page in Cubase and uses the standard GEM toolbar.

The diamond at the top left is Steinbergs Cubase logo, and when you hover over it, a menu displaying the version info of Cubase and any accessories (*.acc) that have been preloaded.

  • File
    contains New, Load, Save, Close, Preference and Quit operations.
  • Edit
    provides functions that affect any selected parts.  For Midi note and event editing, you can select the relevant editor from here.
  • Structure
    allows Global cuts and inserts to be applied to the arrangement between the L & R locators.
  • Functions
    contains various quantize and logical procedures.
  • Options
    provides the necessary menus to setup Midi input, metronome, syncronization, appearance.
  • Modules
    is for selecting which module you would like to preload (IPS, Studio etc.)
  • Windows
    displays all open arrangements and window layout.

Equipment Used:

  • Atari ST - Cubase v 3
  • Yamaha A5000 Sampler
  • Akai S01 Sampler
  • Alesis D4
  • Evolution EVS-1
  • Roland JV1080 with: Experience 2, Orchestral & Dance 06 expansions
  • M Audio Keystation Pro 88 Controller
  • Roland PC-200 mk 2 Controller
  • Zoom 9000
  • Marshall JMP 9001
  • Yamaha SG3000S
  • M Audio Omni Studio with Delta 66
  • M Audio Audiophile 24 96
  • Quad Core PC


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