STeem VS Atari ST - Round 1 PDF Print E-mail

As an experiment, I decided to see what the difference in the STeem emulation of the YM soundchip was like alongside the original Atari.  It's not really a fair comparison, as it didn't s(t)eem to like running alongside Soundforge when recording it in.  That said, it was great fun firing up XLR8 on my main Atari for a rattle with some chip music again.

More chip music and experimental stuff with it loaded into my Yamaha sampler will be uploaded soon.

STeem MP3

Atari ST MP3



Equipment Used:

  • Atari ST - Cubase v 3
  • Yamaha A5000 Sampler
  • Akai S01 Sampler
  • Alesis D4
  • Evolution EVS-1
  • Roland JV1080 with: Experience 2, Orchestral & Dance 06 expansions
  • M Audio Keystation Pro 88 Controller
  • Roland PC-200 mk 2 Controller
  • Zoom 9000
  • Marshall JMP 9001
  • Yamaha SG3000S
  • M Audio Omni Studio with Delta 66
  • M Audio Audiophile 24 96
  • Quad Core PC


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